I hereby decree

by David LeMieux


I have a lot more I could say about this, but I have been enjoying Apple Watch. For all the pros and cons here is the shortest summary I could come up with:


  • Siri isn't reliable.

  • Asking Siri to do something that could work and it will often redirect you to the phone. Like tweeting or showing heads up info like dictionary definitions and such.

  • App icons mysteriously disappear.

  • There are many occasions when it feels unnecessary to have.

  • Kind of expensive.


  • When Siri does work, it is amazing.

  • It shines during fitness activities and my commute.

  • Apple Pay is great.

  • Controlling Music or my TV is terrific.

On any given day if I do not ride my bike and I'm not commuting to work on a crowded train then I could live without it. If I am riding my bike or if I am on a crowded train then it is nearly indispensable.

Here is one small example: Late last year we were looking for our first home. My wife and I would look online at listings and then go check things out and drive by and get a feel for the neighborhood and whatnot. One evening I was riding my bike home from the train station when I got a text from my wife with a new listing. It was between where I was and home anyway so I decided to stop by. I had my wife text me the address and then I used the maps app to guide me. All of this while I am still safely riding my bike on the bike trail. No need to take out my phone. When I finally got to the address, my wife called me (she had been tracking my progress with Find my Friends) and I answered the call on the watch and talked to her as I continued home. When I got home, by the way, I ended my workout that the watch had been tracking the whole time.

It was like the perfect scenario for having Apple Watch.

I am looking forward to whatever improvements and updates they make.

The bands are cool tool.


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