I hereby decree

by David LeMieux


I went to Eastern Washington University for a year between 2000 and 2001. While there I had the opportunity to be in the Marching Band, Wind Ensemble and Pep Band as third trombone. We would be required (and also paid) to play at sporting events. Because of this we would often have need to coordinate with the cheer team because they wanted to be sure to have time to do their cheers and they also wanted to know when we would play different songs because they had worked out little dance routines that accompanied them.

The thing is, though, we didn't really get along with the cheer squad. I am not exactly sure why, but there was some enmity there that perhaps had persisted through time. I was a freshman and so I bought in to the culture of animosity, and that is a topic for another day. It is enough to say that we felt occasionally inspired to upset the cheer team.

We would play this song at the request of the cheer team:

Normally when a band from an opposing school would play this song we would shout over the top of the "Go Team Go" part and instead shout "High School Band" in a mocking tone. We felt we were above this simple melodic rally cry. When the cheer team would insist we perform the tune we were always reluctant to comply. We would use this an opportunity to upset the cheer team.

Since the cheer team had created a little routine to go with the song, and since it was loop-able (as is the song) we would purposefully put extra measures at different parts of the song, adding extra beats here and there, throwing off the rhythm of their dance. They would never quite figure out what had gone wrong and we wouldn't do it frequently enough to have it be common.


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