I hereby decree

by David LeMieux


I am at an interesting point of my career and the only name I seem to be able to give to it is indifference. In the last six years I have been at Flite the world of software development has changed and not even just once. I do not expect it will slow down either, but my willingness and interest in keeping up has certainly waned.

Recently I have been surveying the job landscape and technologies that didn't even exist (or were definitely not mainstream) three years ago are now listed on almost every job description. There isn't anything wrong with that necessarily but I haven't personally had the time nor inclination to try and do anything with those new technologies but if I wanted to go get a new job I am now expected to know about them.

What makes things seemingly worse is that, in my casual observance of the landscape, we seem to be loosing any subtlety and compromise and instead everything turns in to a Holy War. Everybody is looking for people who are on the same side. Which platform do you use? Which text editor? Which project management methodology? (Which phone platform? Which OS? and on and on) The big players like Google and Facebook and Twitter then throw their weight in the mix. Sometime I think it is because that, as large companies, they don't actually have enough work to do and so spend their time dreaming up their own ideal vision of how things should work. And why shouldn't they? I am still not convinced that their ways should be my ways but it looks like there is no avoiding making a choice.

Take bower for example. It is neat and works as it says on the tin, but I cannot figure out how or why I'd use it in a production environment. If I need to download dependencies I can do that and package them. I am not about to change my deployment infrastructure just because a new tool exists to replace something I maybe do one or twice a month, tops. That said, maybe I am missing the bigger picture. I guess the point is that right now I don't care.

I will own up to the fact that I am falling behind on my own school of thought that if you like something you will do it on your own and gain experience through trial and error. It isn't like I've been sitting at work doing nothing. We don't always have the opportunity to adopt new technologies at the drop of a hat and if we did we might not ever get anything done. I could try harder to stay current.

This complaint is not original nor unique. I feel a little bit like an inflexible curmudgeon by admitting these reservations, but what else can I do?

I am just getting tired of feeling like I need to have an opinion about everything. I am much more comfortable saying that I will use the best tool for the job as I find them, but if "the industry" is going one way I guess I also don't want to be on the side that gets left behind.

Update: This video is great.


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