I hereby decree

by David LeMieux


For nearly as long as I've worked at Flite I've done more or less the same thing. Not just "writing code" but "writing code to do the same thing." It has been a fun challenge and actually resulted in some work I am very proud of. Recently, however, I was assigned a new thing and it has been delightfully freeing.

I've worked on different projects in the past, but my main focus on all of those projects has been the ad runtime platform at Flite. Now I am working on something more front-end related and the change of pace has done two things: 1) It has given me a chance to stretch different coder muscles and 2) Taking a step back from platform work, I've actually begun to get lots of creative ideas about the platform again. Previously I was feeling somewhat stuck in a loop.

The stresses are different. In the platform code, I have to constantly make sure I'm not making the file size (for a file served thousands of times a minute) too large. I also have to make sure it is robust enough to work anywhere without breaking ad or webpage functionality. Not having that constant worry has been liberating. In its place are new worries - like am I writing code compatible with existing patterns and not breaking user experience - but they are new and fresh and welcome.

For the one or two people who will read this: Flite is Hiring


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