I hereby decree

by David LeMieux


Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Valerie and I don't often remember to send out holiday cards. You know the type, the ones with a picture of the family and sometimes a note recapping the year's activities. We always talk about doing it, but never do it.

This year on Christmas Eve I had an idea to make a digital card. The original idea was something like an 8-bit snow-globe but I knew the first thing Val would say would be "but our picture doesn't look very clear" (or something along those lines) so I came up with a little trick. The picture starts out clear, but then as the 8-bit carol plays and the holiday greeting appears from the bottom, the picture is blocked in to a more 8-bit-like image (not true 8-bit, of course). You can check it out here, make sure to have your speakers on.

I have been doing a lot of Flash programming at work so for this card I decided to use just HTML, Javascript and CSS. I took advantage of some of the code libraries I made this year, like Cigar and my previous canvas experiments as well as some third-party code libraries, mostly from Grant Skinner. I tested the card in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox (all the latest version) and I took a glance at it in IE. The only major difference was that I still haven't gotten the font-face to work in IE.

In theory it should work on mobile safari or any html5 compliant mobile browser but it doesn't because of restrictions in place by those browsers (e.g. no sound loading unless dictated by user action). I could have added more support for those devices, but I put this together in about three hours late Christmas Eve and any more time spent would have meant it wouldn't have been ready for Christmas Day. It almost wasn't as it is.

My favorite part is the snow, and my lovely family of course.

UPDATE: I added support for iOS devices now, too.


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