I hereby decree

by David LeMieux


I sometimes get to work while I ride in to The City on BART and I am always a little disappointed that my coding/terminal skills don't seem more hackeresque, especially when someone is looking over my shoulder. Though I certainly don't want to have my computer taken away for looking suspicious I decided to make my onlooker's experience more fun.

Today while on BART I put together this little number:

Phone Gen Screen
I'm in your phones, hacking your numbers

What this really shows is a bash_profile alias that points to a Java thread I made that spits out a random quantity of random, not even valid, phone numbers at interchanging intervals with either a success or failed message. It then tallies the successes and outputs the success/total ratio at the end. What it looks like it is doing, though, is hacking all the nearby phones.

Why make this? So that the people sitting next to me get mildly freaked out. I mean, to start this baby up I have to type "hack_nearby_phones". Everything Hollywood teaches us about computers allows this to make sense, so it will surely fool everyone.


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