I hereby decree

by David LeMieux


Widgetbox, my current employer (full disclosure), recently introduced a slick mobile site builder. It works much like our popular Blidget product. You take Internet feeds and other content sources and include them in to a mobile-compatible web site. It literally takes minutes to get a basic site up and running and it works really well. My hats off to the team at Widgetbox that put it all together. I got to help a little, but I have been working on another project.

One really nice feature of the mobile site is that Widgetbox gives you a JavaScript snippet to put on your normal site that will redirect mobile users to your new mobile site. I put a mobile site together for myself and now whenever you visit this site or my portfolio from a mobile phone (iPhone, Android 2.0, or webOS) you will see my mobile site. For those of you on a non-mobile computer, it looks a lot like this:

David LeMieux Mobile Site
This Is Huge!

You can also go take a look at http://m.wbx.me/lemieux if you use Safari or Chrome.

As I stated before, in a parenthetical, the mobile sites currently work best on the iPhone and Android 2.0+ phones. The sites work decently on webOS phones, but the webOS browser isn't as feature rich. webOS 1.4 did improve things quite a bit, however.

For those interested in the technology we are using, it is mostly based on JQTouch though I know the team made some enhancements and other changes.

I encourage anyone interested to give it a try. Especially since having a mobile presence is becoming increasingly important.


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