I hereby decree

by David LeMieux


I added a not-so-subtle Amazon affiliate link to E.ggTimer. Why? Ever since closing up shop at WidgetNest my web projects have been a drain on resources instead of self sustaining. Also, I really want a new bicycle (my old bike was stolen).

The last time I tried something like this I got about $20 over a two year span. We'll see how well it works out this time.

I had intended to use Google AdSense but they didn't think my site was cool enough. Actually, at first my account was stuck in some never-ending black hole of not being able to sign up because I already had an account, but not being able to use my account because I hadn't actually signed up. When that was finally resolved I applied and got denied. The official reason is because E.ggTimer "looks like it is under construction." I took that as meaning they couldn't find any content that would be relevant to advertise against. I don't blame them. It really is just a utility site, so there isn't much there in the way of content.

As far as making my sites self-sustaining goes, I at least have the luxury of being able to afford decent web hosting. That said, why not strive to have a product that can keep itself afloat? If I can break even I'll consider it a success.


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