I hereby decree

by David LeMieux


I hereby decree that it is weird that people make "boy" and "girl" robots. Do we want them to be able to reproduce? I am pretty sure we are creating our own robotic uprising, they won't even have to become self aware.

Seriously though, why do we try and make humanoid robots that have male or female characteristics? First of all, aren't robots supposed to be more efficient than us? Then why give them the same range of motion and physical obstacles that we ourselves face? Adding some kind of gender makes even less sense. What would differentiate a male robot from a female one? Would they have different skills? Why should they? I will come out right now and say that I think that it is in our nature to have different roles as men and women in society (roles NOT being defined as rights). But robots? Come one.

I suppose robots are designed and build for different tasks, but if we are making humanoid robots why not just build one that can do the whole range of tasks. Why would we ever need to build different "gender" types? (I put gender in quotes because robots wouldn't have a biological sex).

/random thought.


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