I hereby decree

by David LeMieux


Last weekend our church had a Halloween party and a "Trunk or Treat." A Trunk or Treat is like Trick or Treating but instead of going door to door the kids went from car to car in the church parking lot. The trunk refers to your car's trunk. Get it?

Anyway, those with cars sometimes decorate their trunks and cars with some kind of cool theme or decoration. Wanting to participate and be part of the fun I came up with an awesome idea. A pumpkin car. I quickly set to work and came up with this conceptual artwork:

Pumpkin Car concept art
Awesome! A Fairy God Mother (FGM) 2005 Pumpkin Coach!

Unfortunately, I spent so much time making this awesome concept piece that I had limited time and supplies to make the end product. I used some tape and nine sheets of orange poster board to come up with something which ended up looking like this:

Pumpkin Car Full Back
Pumpkin Car from the Back

Pumpkin Car 3/4 Back
Pumpkin Car three-quarters view from Back

So, instead of winning "Most Awesome and Amazing Trunk or Treat Car Ever Conceived" we won "Cutest Car." Cutest car!? Oh well. Next year I will be ready and people will look on with shock and awe at my amazing Halloween vehicle.

Also, Steven Astle is a Pumpkin Car. (I'm looking right at you Steven, what say you!) (Inside jokes abound!)


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