I hereby decree

by David LeMieux

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I Hereby Decree is a written by David LeMieux. Any idea, useful or not, that pops in to David's head that he feels like sharing finds its way to this blog. If you enjoy web design, web development, code, Photoshop, and random junk then maybe you will like this blog. No guarantees.

About David LeMieux

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David LeMieux is a Senior Software Engineer for Flite in San Francisco, CA. He also loves to cook even though he fails at it quite often. He is happily married and has amazing, beautiful children.

I also like to ride my bike, though I am not very serious about it.

This site uses a woefully inadequate custom CMS written in PHP backed by MySQL. The CSS is hand coded. All code written by me in a text editor or simple IDE (currently I favor the JetBrains products).

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